An innovative Chinese company designs, manufactures, and sells stainless steel vacuum bottles and a wide variety of drinkwares. Headquarters of Lingying in Yongkang city, Zhejiang, China.

We’ve been engaging in this industry for 12 years, well experienced and equipped with advanced facilities and versatile design, R&D, production, sales&service support teams, which the healthy system ensure our customers get more valuable products than what they order.

We exist to help customers benefit maximum from selling our products. This is the business philosophy what we believe and carry out. Therefore, we’ll never say we’ve done perfectly as we are far from done, better is a moving target, it’s not a destination, it pushes us to learn more and develop more that to keeping our customers stand out more than competitors in the market.

We are always on our way to helping customers achieve success, we are looking forward to meet you somewhere on someday.