Advantages to buy stainless steel mug What

Source:Yongkang Lingying Industrial & Trading Co., LtdPublication time:2019-08-04

Currently customized gift cup industry by users. Whether because of the current season or buy cups cups custom mug choose relatively few people. Whether for personal use or as a mug customized gifts Cup gifts are gifts given away a good choice for business customers. Today, 365 cups custom center and small series we talk about the advantages of stainless steel insulation Cup,

Stainless steel cup belongs alloy metal products, according to different uses, trace metals contained in a stainless steel cup will be different, a common metallic element chromium, nickel, silicon, carbon, aluminum and the like. We all know that iron is the human body needs a daily intake of trace elements, and in that the glass element is not available to us. As we usually also need to select the cooking pot wok, which is the same reason.

First, the stainless steel mug three functions is how to embody it?

Stainless steel mug manufacturer tells you: stainless steel mug mainly by a combination of external double stainless steel vacuum technology through the production and health. Stainless steel mug vacuum structure can effectively control heat conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer of three ways to achieve insulation, cold, the purpose of preservation.

Second, the advantages of stainless steel insulation Cup, what does?

(1) Health

Stainless steel mug can long maintain the temperature of the water in the container and food, the convenience of users at different times, different spaces to enjoy hot food or hot drinks, will help to improve their quality of life;

Second, the stainless steel mug with stainless steel as a raw material, use process does not produce harmful substances and odors; In addition, the stainless steel mug insulation of drinking water to avoid repeated boiling of water quality impairment.

(2) Fashion

With the ever-changing consumer tastes and aesthetic product manufacturing process continues to progress, stainless steel mug manufacturers of various fashion elements into product design, the product increasingly diverse and exquisite style, to meet the requirements of fashion consumers .

(3) Environmental

Promote the use of stainless steel mug, can effectively reduce the disposable plastic containers and cups of environmental pollution caused by waste, reducing the production of plastic containers and cups consumption of oil, timber, water and other natural resources.

At the same time, it can be a long stainless steel mug insulation, reducing energy consumption due to repeated heating. In addition, serious waste of disposable bottled water, replace disposable plastic containers with stainless steel mug, but also effectively reduce the waste of water resources.