How to effectively maintain life mug delay

Source:Yongkang Lingying Industrial & Trading Co., LtdPublication time:2019-08-07

How to effectively maintain life mug delay

For everyday use of ordinary glass need only be washed, but the mug you need to pay special attention to maintenance, care and if not careful, it could lose the insulation effect of making mug of shortened life expectancy. In order to make more effective insulation mug ? long, that if good care of it 365 mug cups custom center Xiao Bian to share with you mug maintenance:

After using mug, mug to wash and wait until it fully dry and then sealed lid, otherwise there will be odor again when the next use, even leaving water stains, etc; cleaning time, if Some spots hit indelible, diluted vinegar plus warm water soak for half an hour before washing; for lids must not pasteurized, it will easily deformed, it will lose insulation effect, even leaking.

Use hot water to clean mug plastic plug on first use. In addition to insulation Cup pot filled with water, it is best not to install other beverages. Wash with warm water and mild detergent liner and the outer wall, along the lines of steel to wash, do not rub the inner walls with sharp objects like balls. Tighten the plug when the force should be appropriate and not excessive force to prevent rotation of the fastener failure. Mug should always clean, holding the cup body hygiene.

In the course to avoid collision and impact, so as not to damage the cup or plastic, causing insulation failure or leaking. Tighten the plug when the force should be appropriate and not excessive rotational force, in order to avoid failure of the fastener. When the regular consumption of coffee, tea or drinks, the liner will change this is a normal phenomenon, a toothbrush with toothpaste can be cleared.